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The Anatomy of a Successful Content Marketing Strategy

The Anatomy of a Successful Content Marketing Strategy

An effective content marketing strategy has many facets that cannot work independently of one another. It’s vital to see the bigger picture from the outset to ensure each part of your strategy is working for the whole.

It’s this multi-faceted nature that often overwhelms anyone attempting to create a content marketing strategy. But breaking it down into its individual parts makes it more manageable and can help you better achieve your content marketing goals.

Be Clear on Why You Are Creating Content

The number one thing to keep in mind is the purpose behind your content. It’s easy to focus on simply getting content out there to ensure you meet your publishing deadlines, forgetting why you’re doing it in the process. When this happens, content quality often suffers, which leads to an ineffective content marketing strategy.

Each time you write a new piece of content, consider how it benefits your target market and complements your overall presence in the content marketing space.

Know Who Your Ideal Clients Are

Your content should always be written to engage your ideal client. Clients that don’t provide what your business needs to thrive will only serve to hinder growth and will take time and resources away from finding your ideal clients.

Determine who your ideal clients are, based on what you offer, and always develop content for them.

Always Be Authentic

Honesty, transparency and authenticity are all characteristics of a good content marketing strategy. Whether it’s by accident or done purposely, presenting yourself or your business inaccurately is never a good idea and usually leads to a loss of clients and a negative reputation.

Treat each piece of content as an opportunity to remind your ideal clients of who you are, what you stand for and what you offer.

Build Lasting Relationships

Your clients are the heart of your business – without them, you have nothing. Foster those relationships by communicating, interacting and engaging with current and potential clients at every opportunity.

Use an Effective Email Marketing System

Once your content marketing strategy begins to create leads, you need an effective way of storing personal details, creating email series to continually engage your clients and integrating opt-in forms on your website.

Choose a proven email marketing system, like Mailchimp, to ensure potential leads are captured and continually fostered with ease.

Create a Well-balanced Content Plan

It’s great to have an overarching strategy for your content marketing goals, but you also need an effective plan to implement it. Planning in 3-month segments allows you to balance the percentage of evergreen, trending, seasonal and general content published over time and ensures each piece complements the next.

Have a well-thought-out plan but allow some flexibility for last minute ideas and current trends.

Repurpose Your Content

It takes a lot of time to create quality content and it’s easy to forget that it can often be used in a variety of ways. Repurposing allows you to maximise the effectiveness of each piece of content and saves time and resources.

Consider how your content could be altered or repackaged to create something new and beneficial to your clients.

Offer Freebies and Rewards

Effective content marketing involves giving before you take. It pays to remember that your business is part of a community and to act accordingly. Your target market will quickly notice when you only create content to gain something from them.

Always aim to give before you take. Offer freebies to encourage your target market to engage and reward clients wherever you can.