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Top Five Trends for Web Designers

Top Five Trends for Web Designers

Web design is changing all the time. Rich textures have come and gone, replaced with dynamic interfaces. Good web design agents understand attention spans are short, so they have to make a website that satisfies a need for information and efficiency. Here are the top five trends for web designers.

1.Particle Backgrounds
There’s a major problem web site designers have with traditional video; it rarely behaves how it should. They look great, but they can also slow down a website or cause it to glitch, which can affect the entire design.

That’s why video backgrounds are being replaced by particle backgrounds. A website development company in Sydney will use these backgrounds because they are lighter and nimbler, being made in JavaScript. They are made from beautiful images that won’t affect the performance of a website. A good Sydney design agency understands these particle backgrounds enhance the image while fitting smoothly into the background.

2.Build a Website Around People
Great website designs have a purpose. They do away with the unnecessary elements that clutter things up. Each page should satisfy the needs of the visitors, rather than being there to praise the brand.

There’s more demand than ever before to focus on the people who visit web pages and how those people interact with a page. To effectively create a website that pulls in an audience, you should consider that people are accessing your site using their mobile phones and desktop computers. This creates a need for a fast website with a big interactive area and a sleek look.

3.Custom Images
Old website designs would use mass-produced stock images to reflect their products and services. These days, that approach shows a lack of personality and authenticity. It makes it impossible for users to emotionally connect to brands.

Generic imagery is being replaced with customer images that feel more personal. Studies have shown that visual information accounts for around 90% of information conveyed to people, meaning websites have to focus on using images that get customers invested.

4.Dynamic Animations and Grid Systems
Static imagery may emphasise a point, but the best website designs have integrated animation. These animations move automatically, are highly interactive, and give a website a more dynamic look and feel. This brings in interest and direct attention to the message.

An overlapping grid system adds dynamism and is used to underline the message of a website. Overlapping grids have replaced good old fashioned perfect grids. The integrated designs are immediately functional, despite how they appear to invade each other’s personal space. While this may be considered tactless, an overlapping grid system provides an innovative way to focus on the user experience.

5.Responsive Designs
Responsive website designs ensure users feel special and have a customized experience built around their needs. You can use simple prompts when users open home pages to achieve this. After they answer your questions, the website shows them only the information relevant to them.

If you want to ensure that customers remain loyal, ensure that they remember you and your website and want to come back. You can do that with the use of custom messaging that enhances user experience even after a purchase has been made. The relationship between a business and their customers doesn’t end after conversion, but it can be improved with the right call-to-action prompts and additional information.