Do you have a WordPress website and you want
your website to be working 24/7?

Your website should be working hard and converting visitors into paying customers all day, every day. You already have a great web design and compelling content; now is the time to make sure all the details on the back-end are taken care of. Your website needs care and support!

Websites need attention. Don't Build and forget your website

You would love to set it and forget it. WordPress sites making up to 30-35% of all sites on the Web, they are a large target for spammers and hackers. It is your primary source of lead generation and conversion.  You cannot afford to be passive on your website.

Why leave website maintenance to the professionals?

Peace of Mind!

You no longer need to worry about broken page/link, page speed, forms, Google data and lot of other things. WordPress keep their platform updated with features and latest security options. Automatic updates from hosting or servers may lead to potential issues with installed plugins and themes not being ready for the update. We look at each piece of the site effected before applying the update and modify where needed.

Uptime monitoring 24/7

The reputation of your business is closely linked to the reputation of your website. Sites of all sizes are facing attacks from hackers and viruses. We use security monitoring to block unauthorized access to your site. We are also encouraging our clients to upgrade to an SSL site as soon as possible.

Quick Restore!

We go beyond backing-up databases and content to create a whole copy of your website. Our backups are part of a holistic approach to make sure your website is safe and you can confidently send your customers to your site.

Video tutorials.

At DSIGNS AUSTRALIA, it is important to us to support our clients in the ways they need most. We educate our clients about how to interact and update their sites in a safe way. All clients on monthly care plans will have built-in video tutorials on their dashboard. No more juggling through YouTube or manuals.

Small tasks!

Based on the package you select; our support team will help you with small tasks. It could be adding new images, editing an image, add a new testimonial, change phone number, changes sliding banners and many more.

Regular cleaning of your website database to keep it running fast and smooth.

We keep your website neat and tidy to show the best version of your website to your customers. WordPress is known to be a little clunky at times and through the maintenance package, we are able to use the best of WordPress and eliminate the clutter.

Monthly reporting and Phone consulting.

Our website care plan clients receive monthly reporting so they know the health and visitors’ data from Google. Our reporting also help you focus on where it required. We provide you with the confidence that all of the behind-the-scenes work is current and accurate.

Why leave website maintenance to the professionals?

The main reason to let Team at DSIGNS handle your website maintenance is to free up your time and mental energy so you can focus on business. Your website should be working for you and helping you further your business brand, not sucking time from your day every time a plug-in needs to be updated. We have been creating and supporting WordPress sites since 2010 and know the best practices to keep your site functioning at its best.

Ready to stop worrying about the maintenance on your site?

Great! We would love to keep your website up to date with all professional support. Call us on 9157 9729 or email at to discuss the support you need.

Basic Plan

$99 / Per month
  • Monthly Backups
  • Monthly WordPress Updates
  • Monthly Plugin Updates
  • Monthly Theme Updates
  • Monthly Security Scans
  • 30 Min small tasks on website
  • Monthly Reports

Professional Plan

$165 / Per month
  • Daily Downtime Monitoring
  • Weekly Backups
  • Weekly WordPress Updates
  • Weekly Plugin Updates
  • Weekly Theme Updates
  • Weekly security scans
  • Weekly Database Optimization
  • 60 Minutes tasks per Month
  • Monthly Reports

Advanced Plan

$330 / Per month
  • Daily Downtime Monitoring
  • Daily Backups
  • Weekly WordPress Updates
  • Weekly Plugin Updates
  • Weekly Theme Updates
  • Weekly Security Scans
  • Weekly Database Optimization
  • Broken Links fixing
  • Google Analytics Integration & Reporting
  • 2 Hour small tasks per Month
  • Monthly Reports

Common Questions

Am I locked into any contracts?

Not at all! You can cancel anytime by emailing . Any tasks that need to be completed, including end of month reports, will continue as scheduled until the end of the current billing cycle.

What happens if my website is hacked or crashes?

Our goal is to help you take the preventative measures needed to keep these types of issues from happening, but even the best cared-for sites can still get hacked or run into issues sometimes. If this happens to you while on one of my care plans we will help you with the restoration of your website using a stored backup from our archives. We will consult with your website hosting company on your behalf and resolve the issue if needed.

What kind of tasks are included in the monthly support time?

The most common requests are content updates and small design changes like changing a button color, adding a new testimonial or blog post. However, pretty much anything that fits within the timeframe of your plan is fairly included. Requests for new features or creating a new page on your site will most likely be given a custom quote as they often go over the monthly dedicated time.

Do my monthly dedicated hours rollover?

The monthly time in each plan is used to reserve your place in the support queue and helps us prioritize our available resources so the Basic and Professional plans do not rollover. All requests that fall within their respective time blocks are given immediate attention.

What if I need more hours?

Larger tasks, such as creating new page or feature will be given a formal quote for you to approve separately of your monthly care plan. Smaller tasks that exceed your site care plan's available time can be completed, with your approval, can be billed for the standard hourly support rate for the basic plan and a discounted rate for the professional and Advanced plans.

What are consulting calls and how do they work?

Email is the best form of communication for reaching out to us as it typically will give you the best response time .

Consulting calls are perfect for screen-sharing requests for updates or for training purposes. We can also use the time to brainstorm upcoming changes to your website to accommodate for the growth and changes in your business.

Clients on the basic plan can "trade in" their 30 minutes of dedicated support time for a 30 minute consulting call within the same billing cycle.

My website wasn’t built by DSIGNS AUSTRALIA can I still be on a care plan?

Absolutely! While these website care plans are intended for the clients who have a site built by DSIGNS AUSTRALIA, we do allow for others to take advantage of a care plan after an initial website audit and update.

This audit and update is billed at a flat rate of $330.

My website isn't built on WordPress, can I still be on a care plan?

Currently on monthly care plans, we do not include any platform other than WordPress . WordPress is where the majority of our expertise lies , so all of our knowledge and tools for website care are dedicated towards that platform.

Ready to stop worrying about your business site?

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